Guide - Start Date Balances

The Guide appears to be out of sync with current practices, The guide states:

a) To start entering starting balances for individual accounts, go to Reports tab and Click Starting Balances. (point format edited out)
b) You will see the report which shows starting balances for all asset, liability and equity accounts
c) The starting balances are all zero because the amounts haven’t been entered

Currently, based on ver 16.1.36

  1. Unless you tick the “Starting Balance” box for an individual chart of account first it wont get listed on the report.
  2. Zero balances don’t appear on the report so balances can’t be edited (under an earlier ver the zero balances did appear from memory)

These anomalies may have resulted from the recent changes to the chart of account process, but getting the zero balances back on to the report would greatly simplify the entry of starting balances, otherwise entry by individual chart of account is required.