Disater Recovery


It looks as though I have somehow picked up a virus or malware that is causing huge problems with Manager.
At first, when I tried opening Manager, a message appeared telling me that Manager was already running but it wasn’t (not even listed in Task Manager)
I thought that I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the new version but somehow, it looks as though my latest backup file has also disappeared.
I’m currently running System Restore on the infected machine (Win 10) and hopefully that will solve the problem but in the meantime, is there a data file stored in the Manager folder that can be used for recovery ?
If worst comes to worst, I’ll have to re-enter a couple of weeks work so it’s not the end of the world but would appreciate any advice on anything that I can try to save me the headaches.

While I think of it, I was also wondering if there is a way of setting the Manager Desktop Page to fit my monitor properly as at the moment, it’s too big for the page to appear on the screen ?


System Restore was able to restore my latest Data File so it’s all now OK on my spare PC however I’m still having problems running Manager on my infected machine.

When I try starting Manager, I’m confronted by the following message:


Upgrade to the latest version on infected machine and Manager should open.