Can't find managerdesktop.exe

Something has gone astray on my computer and now I’m getting real worried my file is gone. I have been a bad boy and not backing up for awhile (early sept) which as you can tell I don’t want to re-enter all those files. I am looking for a solution and yet to find one that will fix my problem. I have a dill issue that’s preventing manager from opening but also the link for manager desktop has disappeared. All it does now is not even the dll issue but a this is a false shortcut. So something has happened for it not to be installed/repaired correctly. Before I move on too much further since I cannot open and backup what other options do I have to uninstall and reinstall and know my file will still be there? I’ll be going online once I get this running. I did though have it opened for about 10 seconds when it looked like it might work go figure. I hope all this makes sense but the main thing now is getting this to a work so i can b backup and setup online or transfer the files to another computer and hope it can open accordingly there. So with that part will the datafile I need be in that roaming folder so I can get that done successfully?

Running windows 10, recently removed a virus (30/10) so thinking this might have some link to this. Which I think was the last time I tried to open … big coincidence lol

solved it. Loaded on another computer, now have my file back and backed up lol. Moral of story people ALWAYS do a backup and have it local and external on a flashy or something so if things go bad you can get it back in short time.

Happy for you to delete post thanks.