Disappearing cursor

Hi all

In older versions of the mac version, I would be able to CMD+tab to another window to check data, then CMD +tab back into Manager and continue typing. However now every time I tab back into Manager the cursor is gone, I need to click with the mouse where I was to continue typing, rather frustrating and time consuming.

Any ideas how to resolve?


This is not a feature of Manager. It is the behavior of macOS or your browser (if you are using the server or cloud edition).

Ok, but why would it have changed with a Manager update, and also be the only program/window that does it? And any idea how I would get it back to what it was? Using desktop version, not browser.

Give a more detailed explanation of exactly what you do and see. I will have a look to see if I can explain it. But I make no promises I will be able to identify the cause of the behavior. The macOS operating system is a huge piece of software. It could have been updated without your knowledge, depending on your preference settings. The fact you think you noticed something at the time of a Manager update could be a coincidence.

Basically, you can’t unless you archived an old version of the program and have similarly obsolete backups to import.