Manager stops running if left for a while


I was just wondering if there was any update on the problem of Manager freezing on a Mac. Last thing I reported was it took around 30 minutes for Manager to stop working once minimised. In the latest version I’m still getting the same issue but its happening every time I minimise Manager to do something else. Its odd, because the back button works and takes me through all the screens I’ve used in that session, but none of the tabs work although they highlight as if they are going to. Its not just on my Mac, I get the same issues on my Macbook Air. If you’ve got any suggestions on how to stop Manager doing this it would be great because it would mean not having to fully close then reload to use it again. Thanks for your help.


This happens on my Mac, too. @lubos says the problem has been reported, but that he doesn’t know why it happens. I actually did not know it happened upon minimization, but only because I never do that. It happens randomly to me with the window at full size. Sometimes everything functions perfectly for hours with the window in the background. Sometimes it happens after just a minute. The behavior you describe–of being able to step backwards through all previous screens, but not being able to activate any other tab or function–is exactly what happens to me. Closing and reopening the application always restores functionality, and I’ve never lost any data. But it certainly is aggravating.


The system automatically restored functionality after sometime and all data were srstill intact


Yes, It happens on my mac as well but only when i leave it for some time and when i press the x mark not when i minimize it. But the good part is that you never lose any data, and it closes/opens very quickly.