Different prices

Hi, i am using Ubuntu 16.04 and i need different prices for different customers and have different per unit pricing for certain quantities.
The Guides for Customer pricing levels state the following -

Go to Settings tab.

  1. Click Sales Invoice Items.
  2. Click New Item.
  3. Enter information about this item. Under Account field select Inventory - sales account, then select an inventory item (or inventory kit).
  4. Click Create button.
    I open the Settings Tab but I can not find the Sales Invoice Items.

Thanks a lot.

I don’t know where you are looking, but sales invoice items were replaced long ago by non-inventory items. See the Guides here: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices on inventory and non-inventory items.

You cannot establish different prices for different customers or quantities for any given item. You will need to edit prices after selecting the item.

Thanks Tut, This were possible some time ago. I now upgraded after a long time and is not anymore possible.
Pity, Seems i will have to see if it is possible also now with - inventory and non-inventory items

It is not possible with inventory items. It would be possible with non-inventory items only by defining separate items for different customers and/or quantities.

I see. Thanks a lot Tut

But usage of the current non-inventory items feature wouldn’t cause any updating of the inventory quantities as Inventory Items aren’t selectable within the non-inventory item…

To have different pricing for different customers - you could set up Inventory Kits but this will only work for a “set” quantity. Quantity ='s 50, but not for a quantity range - 50 or greater.