Did the Manager Icon Change?

Whilst looking for files today I noticed that the Manager files icon has changed.
I still have the red square with white ‘M’ as the desktop/quick launch icon, but all the other manager icons have changed. Not a big issue, but did worry me a bit when I was searching for backup files and was looking for the old icon.
Is it just my system (Windows 10) or has it been changed in the last few versions? Running desktop version 18.5.63 here and always downloaded from manager.io.

If there was a change, it’s a Windows thing. Didn’t happen on Macs up through v18.5.64.

Well, just updated on a Vista system and the ManagerDesktop.exe icon changed and a new separate file appeared in the Roaming folder called Manager.ico with the red icon. So it’s definitely in the program itself.

The Manager.ico file appears in the Mac package contents, as well. But that’s the regular white M on red background. There is also a Manager.icns file, which is what the Mac uses. It doesn’t explain what you showed, with the blue rectangle inside what looks like a window with listings on the left and text on the right.