Detailed history of accounts, suppliers and customers transactions

I would like to print in batch the detailed in history of each general account, or each supplier or each customer.

For suppliers, there is something available, but only account per account :
Go to “Purchase invoices” and click on “outstanding balance” to see all invoice and payment transactions of a particular supplier, but there is no way to print the transaction accounts of all suppliers, without exporting this 1 supplier by 1 supplier at the time.

If you create a report such as General Ledger Summary, the amounts on this report are clickable. Clicking on each amount will give you the list of transactions for specified period.

It will work well for general ledger accounts. As per suppliers or customers. You can get list of all transactions posted to Accounts payable or Accounts receivable but what purpose would that serve?


First of all my congratulations with this accounting software, it’s simple and can easily be adapted to accounting systems of any country. Only observation I have is that it lacks reporting tools (which I will send in separate post) .

On the present topic :

General accounts detail : indeed, if I click on the total amounts of each account in the GL summary, I will see the detail of each account for the specific period. That is indeed the detail of each general account. I just want to be able to print the detail of each account of all the accounts used. This way I avoid having to open via GL summary every individual account, export this and then format this in a presentable format, and do this for each account. The end result is a report containing of all used accounts the detailed transactions and balance of all these transactions.

Customers/suppliers : I would need the same reporting option to get to the same kind of end result : be able to print a report of all suppliers (customers) that show all invoices/payments and other posts, with end of period balance.

To get what I need for customers, I need to go to customer statements, and then go into detail, but can not print a history of invoices/payments detail per customer (or supplier) of all customers (or suppliers)

The purpose of this is to have per customer or supplier an account history of all posts on that customer or reseller.


I believe I understand what you are asking, @pgeuvens. I have a comment and a question.

My comment is that for customers, I think Manager already provides what you ask. In Reports, select Customer Statements. On the first screen that appears, select Transactions in the Statement Type dropdown box. Then set the desired date range. The result is a printable report, nicely formatted, showing all transactions for that customer, including invoice numbers, etc.

Maybe what you want is a list of that information for all customers, such as you’ve asked for suppliers. That leads to my question: why would you want a paper copy of all such records? That seems to go back to the days of manual accounting entries, journal books, and account ledger sheets. I am not saying you are wrong to ask for these, but I wonder what you would do with them?