Get an account statement for any General Ledger account

Really its an wonderful program , But one problem facing us ! that we are unable to get any detail statement for any account we want , like if we want to print statement of account for telephone expenses or transportation expenses

clicking the blue figure against any account will show all the transactions under the account which you can directly print or save as pdf.
they can also be exported to any spreadsheet program.

that’s mean we can’t print the statement in Manager program , we should export it to excel and then print it !!

if you are using Windows, just right click on the page area and select print.

yes thanks its working :wink:, and sorry for apologize :grimacing: , but :
1st how we can get a statement for specific period !
2nd can we print an official statement that contain the company details header !

because the printed statment didint include them

sort by date by clicking the header. drag select only the required transactions and print.

these are for your internal purpose only and they are not statements. they are just a list of transactions contributing to the specific account. so it does not need to have your company details or any fancy themes. if you need them you can do it outside of Manager.

customer and supplier statements can be found under Reports along with various other useful reports. read the Guides section regarding the same.

cleared , thanks to your time

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