How I can Print Statment account

I would like to print statement of account with details. How I can do that?

  1. Go to SettingsGeneral Settings and make sure to check Customer Statement under Reports.
  2. Then, go to ReportsCustomer Statement and click on customer to view their customer statement. Click Print to print it.

Is this what you meant?

Thank you for this information, but I need also statement of any account like transport account.

I would like to print detail Supplier Statement (Paid and Payable both). How it is possible?

Why do you need supplier statement? Do you send them to suppliers or it’s for internal purposes?

If it’s for internal purposes, to view list of purchase invoices by supplier, simply go to Suppliers tab and click on the number under Purchase Invoices column. To view list of transactions involving supplier, click on the amount under Accounts payable column.

I need to send the entire transaction details (paid and payable both) to suppliers as printed copy

Manager doesn’t have printed version of supplier statements.

But shouldn’t your suppliers be sending you customer statements? It seems so unusual for supplier to demand statement from customer. It should be the other way around.

How would I be able to batch print multiple Customer Account Statements? This would be more helpful to send to customers on a regular basis but it appears I have to View–>Print each and every customer.

Let me know if there is an update for this! Your software rocks!

You can’t do batch printing yet. But if you use Back button, you can quickly view each customer statement and email or print it.

In future, I will be looking into this but if you have less than 50 customers with statements, this process is quite manageable, it’s not like you have to do it every day.

Am using your software for my neighbourhood community. So each house is a “Customer” so that’s 250+ customer statements I have to generate each month to give the residents. So it’s a monthly affair so if you somehow make it that I can export/print all selected customers straight to Pdf would be fantastic :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s why I said under 50 customers is manageable. 250 would be definitely a painful exercise. Within 2-3 months, bulk-printing should be supported.

Thanks so much!

Lubos, any news on bulk emailing/printing monthly statements. I print/email about 100 each month.

Any news on bulk print monthly statement please? Thank you!

No bulk printing yet.