Monthly transactions reports

1- I used to print monthly transactions report for all transaction such as journal vouchers receipts,payments,purchase,sales,debit note credit note etc. Now if I want to print these reports it shows all transactions from beginning of time till to day.Is there an option to print these transaction for secific period.
2 - The programme doesn’t warn for duplicate transactions.

When you create a report, you have the option to set date ranges. The same is true when you edit a report.

hi Tut
I tried but couldn’t, for example: purchase invoices for july 2016 I went to purchase invoices to print report it shows all purchase from beginning of time till today. Would you tell where is the date option ? This apply on others monthly report I mentioned before. Please be patient & try to help.
Thanks a lot …
Raja Ahmed

As per my knowledge, there is no option to take Ledger wise report for specific period.

However, you can take Full General Ledger Transactions report for specific period under Reports—>General Ledger Transactions

Yes, @raja_55. @RPG_IT is correct. But your original post mentioned reports. Reports in Manager refers to pre-designed reports available under the Reports tab. What you are actually trying to do is print a portion of a ledger. You can Export a ledger and import it to a spreadsheet. Once in the spreadsheet, you can sort, manipulate, or delete as you wish to create specialized printouts.

I believe you are mistaken in your memory of what you used to do. So far as I know, it has never been possible to print ledgers for defined time periods. I think you must have been printing something else.