Desktop version gone after I created cloud account

I have been using the desktop version and decided to try out the cloud version. After I created the cloud version, I noticed my desktop icon and shortcut was gone. Prior to creating the cloud account, I did not create a backup file and have worked on my account since the last backup. Did the desktop version indeed delete or disappear? How can I get my most recent data from the desktop version? I didn’t see any info on going from desktop to cloud and needing a current backup file (I should of thought ahead myself in anycase). How do I revert back to my desktop version and then can I reattempt a cloud trial after I create a back up file to import to the cloud version?

What operating system do you use? Sounds like Windows.

The shortcut is immaterial.

Hopefully what you referred to as your desktop icon wasn’t the actual program. If so, you did not follow installation instructions. Regardless, the application does not contain your data. That should still be somewhere on your hard drive. Just where depends on your operating system.

Correct, Windows. So does the program default to a storage location on my hard drive and for Windows where is that?


Cloud edition won’t and cannot uninstall desktop edition. So something else must have happened not related to cloud edition.

Why don’t you install desktop edition again? If it’s just program being uninstalled, you will see your data again once you install it.

That is what I thought, however it was odd that I had been using the
desktop edition earlier in the day, opened a cloud trial and the desktop
icon and program disappeared. I have my backups, however when I try to
install the desktop edition again, it is looking to install it in Q: drive,
which I don’t have a Q:. An error message pops up stating “Q: not found”
and all I can do is cancel the install, I can’t select another drive??

Can you post a screenshot of installation step where you are stuck?

sorry took so long. Here is a screen shot.

It looks like you are trying to install to G:\ Drive. Is this a fixed hard disk in your computer, a network shared drive or an external USB Hard drive/Thumb Drive?

I.e., have you removed the external drive, or lost the network connection, or have a hard drive failure?
Can you still access G:\ via windows explorer?

Is there any reason you do not install to C:\

Just pondering on this a little more. I’m wondering if there is some Installer data hanging around in the registry. (Although you should still be able to set which drive you want to install manager in).

Can you try using the windows Uninstall center to remove manager, then reboot and then try again?

This is what is confusing. This message automatically pops up after I
open the download. I don’t have a choice to select C: drive which is where
I want it. I can’t do any other option except close the dialogue box,
which closes the download. I have not changed any settings on my system
and don’t think there is an option for new downloads to force to G:

I’ll have to try the uninstaller idea when I get home…