Cannot find Manager on my computer


My son deleted my Manager desktop shortcut, and now I do not know where to go to find the program on my computer. I am certain this is easy … so can someone please tell me where to look? Thanks


Just reinstall the program from


I have already tried that … but it tells me I have the latest version and does not allow me to recreate a shortcut. So can you tell me where on my computer I can find the program?


The easiest way is to go to Control Panel, then Programs & Features and uninstall Manager. Then you will be able to install it back which will recreate your shortcut.

Uninstalling Manager through Control Panel doesn’t delete your data so don’t worry about that.


I am still confused … I do see it when I go to Programs & Features. But I still do not understand where on my computer is the program located? Is all my data on my computer? Or is my data on your server? Please help me to understand. Thanks


The program and data is on your computer but I can’t give you location as every operating system has slightly different folder structure.

When you reinstall Manager, you can view path to your data under About Manager tab at the top. The path where Manager is installed can be seen when you right-click on the shortcut to see where Manager.exe resides.


Ok … I found the file thank you. So let me ask you. If I buy a new computer … can I install the manager program on the new computer … and then move all my data by using the latest manager file stored on my current computer?


You can move the data folder onto new computer but the recommended way is to use Backup button on each business and then import backup(s) on another computer which is far more intuitive.