Desktop edition version upgrade issues

I downloaded desktop edition Manager installer v22.6.12.86 and upgraded my current version 22.6.3. After setup, Manager opens to a blank page and I cannot see any of my businesses.

Anyone experiencing similar issue and how do I fix the current problem?

OS? I remember a similar problem not so long ago so I would search for blank page and read the comments.

Also, did you ever change the location of your application data folder from the default location to somewhere else?

Yes, it’s not at the default folder. And that makes a difference?

It could, depending on what you changed it to and how you “upgraded.” Did you uninstall anything before updating. (You should not have.) Is this installation on the same computer as your previous version?

I have always used a different folder than Manager’s default ever since Manager gave us the function to change to a different folder as I have my own file management “system” with files stored on my computer and since it is on the same computer, upgrading Manager has never had any issues until this update.

PS. I just ran the installer to upgrade to a newer version.