Update - blank screen - PC OS

Update from July 25, 2022
Screen is blank, no headers


It’s recommended to search the forum (and consult the Guides) before starting a new thread. There are > 50 results when searching for blank page and this 1 is 1 of them.

If you read some of the threads with problems, you could read that the info you should give is OS, Manager’s edition (Desktop, Server or Cloud) and Manager’s version. When updating Manager you should indicate from which to which version. Supplying screenshots of the problem will increase the chance of getting help.

Thank you for your comments. But existing “blank page” discussions were no help.
I am using the Desktop version. My error for omitting.
Screenshots of a “blank page” with the Manager logo in the upper left corner would pretty useless I think
I have “uninstalled” and reinstalled the latest update several times, same result.
Active files are stored on another drive so if I can get the program to run, should be able to restore.

Please provide more details as requested by @Mark such as OS (operating system be it Windows 32 or 64 bit, macOS Monterey, Ubuntu Linux 20.04, etc) and Manager version number that you try to install as a minimum. Only then will support be possible.

That is a brave assumption given you do not have an answer to why you have this problem and no one else has the problem.

The choices

  1. Your install is faulty → we need details of what OS / hardware you have and how you tried to install it.

  2. You are doing something to Manager no one else does → we need detailed information on how you produce the problem screen and exactly what the screen shows

  3. Your computer or OS is faulty → other forums are more likely to be more helpful

I really would encourge you to start with screen shots showing

  1. just before error condition
  2. the error condition
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