iPad access on cloud edition

Just checking I understand correctly:
I can only run manager on an Ipad in the Cloud edition (not desktop or server) but I can continue to use the desktop version on my laptop. This allows me to back-up to laptop and can then restore to Cloud.
I can create excel on Ipad and import to desktop so Cloud wouldn’t be needed.
If I did use Cloud for the Ipad would there be one, or two costs incurred if I used Cloud on the laptop as well.

We don’t have native iPad app but iPad has web-browser which means it can connect to cloud or server edition.

Technically, server edition is really the same as cloud edition. The only difference is that while server edition is installed and managed by you (complicated but no monthly fee), cloud edition is installed and managed by us (simple but monthly fee due to the fact that we incur some cost managing the service).

You can backup cloud edition data and import to desktop edition anytime you want.

You can have unlimited computers or unlimited users accessing cloud edition. Anyway, it’s better to just sign up for trial so you can see for yourself how it works. It’s easier to understand how it works when you see it rather than trying to understand by reading about it.

Thank you. Will do that. Hope for some clear time over the xmas period.

I have downloaded the trial cloud edition to my iPad. When I press BACKUP the response is “Download Failed. Safari cannot download this file.”
Not sure what is happening on laptop - am not particularly computer literate. I thought the desktop edition would continue so downloaded the latest edition which I usually do each month but it says there is already a manager running and should it overwrite. I presume the manager.app is used for both desktop and cloud, the only difference being where it is backup’d. Confused and finding it difficult to explain. Sorry.

The error Manager is already running has nothing to do with cloud edition. You can’t upgrade desktop edition if you have it running in the background. Try to restart your computer and upgrade. This way you will ensure desktop edition is not running.

Cloud edition works like any other website. It doesn’t use or know anything about Manager.app (or desktop edition).

Not sure why backup button wouldn’t work on your iPad, how about if you go to cloud edition from your laptop and try backup button there. The same problem?

I turned everything off.

  • Started up iPad and still wouldn’t permit backup.
  • Started up laptop and used as previously which is desktop edition and that is working as normal.
  • Closed desktop and went to cloud edition (still on laptop) and when I backup it puts copy of backup on the desktop.

So only problem is iPad not backing up.

Also, if I use cloud, do I restore the cloud backup to desktop (and visa versa) to keep both up-to-date?

Not sure why backup button doesn’t work on iPad. I will try to reproduce it. Keep in mind, we do backups for you on cloud edition even if you don’t.

You can transfer data from cloud to desktop and vice versa but generally you should stick to desktop or cloud. Don’t use both concurrently as it can get confusing where is the up-to-date data.

I appreciate there is no need to backup between cloud & desktop but just would like to demonstrate for myself how it works.
On my laptop -I went onto the cloud edition and made entry - and made backup which appeared on desktop.
On my laptop - I went to desktop edition - add business - import backup - choose file ( the one on the desktop) - import.

Have tried to insert screen shot of internal error

Keep in mind cloud edition is always up to date. So when you export data from cloud edition for the purpose of importing to desktop edition, you need make sure to be on the latest version.

Thank you - that worked fine.
I would still like the iPad backup to work although I understand that the cloud is always up-to-date. If necessary I can backup using laptop and use that backup for restore to desktop (remembering, of course, to have the up-to-date version).
Great forum and such quick response. Thank you