Descriptions details does not show in "Customers" transaction

Is it possible to see transaction details in customer accounts?

@nsnobel21, can you clarify how you reached the screen you show in your screen shot? It appears you were under the Customers tab and clicked on a blue count under Accounts Receivable to drill down to this display. Is that correct? If so, you’ve turned up a potential bug.

If I click on a count under the Sales Invoice column, the tab shifts to the Sales Invoices module. Once there, the Description column shows any text entered under Invoice Summary on a sales invoice. If nothing was entered, the Description field will be blank. Information from individual invoice line items does not show.

But if I click on the blue count under Accounts Receivable, the tab stays in Customers, which may or may not be a problem. @lubos will have to answer concerning what he intended there.

But Description fields for sales invoices are blank, even if text was entered in the Invoice Summary when the sales invoice was created. There may be some underlying reason for this, but again, @lubos will have to determine that.

I will say that having those descriptions would be extremely useful, especially as receivables age.

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Tut you got exactly, This problem is in Customer’s tab under Account receivable, Although I have enter description in Sales invoice but these cannot show under “Account receiveable” , In Sales invoice there is no suck kind of issue or problem , here is how reach there,

Thanks, @nsnobel21. I am seeing exactly the same thing. Any action, of course, will have to come from @lubos in Australia. Based on everything appearing on this forum, it looks like they have a lot being worked on. But I’m sure we’ll hear something.

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Fixed in the latest version (15.0.83)