Description not displayed


Description not displayed in customer view, it displayed sales invoice and receive money only.

How to show description in customer view?


The latest version no longer contains customer view. To view transactions, you can now click on amounts shown in Customers tab to view the same information.

The reason why customer view has been taken out is that it didn’t scale once customer had a lot of transactions. Also some people have mistaken it for proper customer statement which is under Reports tab.

Making descriptions better is currently work in progress. I recommend you download the latest version in a few days, by then everything to do with descriptions should be radically improved.


I have trouble the same topic like aacmurugan.
Description must be appeared, not only received money and invoice. Because some received in cheque or cash or credit card. But when we view the customer account, we don’t understand which received money is cheque, which is cash etc…


When entering customer receipts, where do you indicate payment method? (cash/cheque/credit card)

Because right now, Manager doesn’t have a field for this. If you don’t specify payment method anywhere, then you can’t expect to see it anywhere on reports.

Why is this important anyway? Does customer need to know on customer statement how they paid? I would assume this information carry no significance since they already know from their own records.


I created cheque account under asset and cash on bank. I follow the cheque account under them. When i take cheque from customer, i am entering the cheques to assets. When it comes to payment of cheque, i am entering the cheques from asset to cash on bank with journal entry
It is important for me not customer. I wanna know how the customer paid. İt appears receive Money but it is not Money.