Delivery Notes (Max) Copy to Clipboard

Hello guys,
following the very recent updates, Im not being able today to maximize the rows of delivery notes in order to copy them to clipboard.
Any help?

Please note that you can expect many changes if on Cloud version read

Why do you require copy all delivery notes to clipboard at once?

The issue I have is that whatever you do, it won’t scale in long-term. As number of delivery notes increase, eventually your web-browser won’t be able to handle it. Not to mention, there is a limit how much data clipboard can carry too.

Perhaps the alternative would be to have an export button that would let you download all the rows in CSV format without actually seeing them. This would scale a lot better.

Im manipulating Delivery Notes and other modules for record taking (not for its actual use).

I highly recommend and endorse your idea of exporting/downloading to CSV Lubos :+1:

Re-introducing this for all tabs where applicable would be a positive development.