Copy to Clipboard

Dear @lubos

is it possible to add copy to clipboard also to:

Receipts & Payments Summary
Trial Balance
General Ledger Summary
General Ledger Transactions


Thanks a lot

I didn’t realize there were so many reports still without the button. Added to the latest version (18.11.5). Hopefully should be on all reports now.

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You are a wizard!

It seems that copy to clipboard of “General Ledger Transactions” doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t copy anything if the report is to big.

How big is “too big?” I’ve successfully copied reports over 14,000 lines. It may take a while to copy (and even longer to paste into Excel), but I had no trouble doing it.

Around 10.000. The problem seems different. @lubos can I send you the backup so that you can check

You can try sending me a backup to and I will try to reproduce the issue.

What’s your operating system? It works fine for me. Also, it’s only about 1,700 lines. Not 10,000.

Windows 10 with chrome as browser

Still not able to reproduce even on Windows 10 / Chrome.

Perhaps you have some extension in your browser blocking something. Can you try different web-browser?

Just tried internet explorer and everything went fine. It’s a problem of chrome

The copy to clipboard feature is now available for almost all reports. But, it is missing in customer transaction report. Please see the screenshot above. The addition of the feature will be helpful.

That is because statements are generated by themes, unlike all other reports.

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Is there any other way of copy/paste? We sometime need to add remark or note on such report.

Create a PDF and add to it with a PDF viewer/editor.