Delivery Note search feature

Today Delivery Note search feature is hide . What happened ? any update?
We required that feature

What edition and version of Manager are you using?

The Search feature is, indeed, missing from v22.10.1.406, the latest version for the cloud edition. I have put this topic into bugs.

Search is back in the latest version (22.10.2) under Delivery Notes tab.

I’m using Delivery Notes tab as a staging tab to implement new features such as ability to select which columns should be shown, improve performance when having a lot of transactions under the tab (more than 100,000) and a few other things.

When rolled out to other tabs, it will resolve quite a few topics in ideas category.

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exactly search button back; Thanks. But now another issue arise one column in delivery note “order number” missing. Please advice on it. We are indeed tagging on order number

There are already several threads on the forum about order number missing. You can use the search fucntion to find them.

Sorry for deviating from the topic. @lubos Is this going to be about permission settings or just about improving performance? I’m asking because some users have asked for the ability to hide columns and even fields from restricted users. e.g Average cost of inventory.

Click on the cog icon in the top-right corner.


This will allow you to select which columns you want to see.

I’m not yet sure how I will solve this. There are number of options. But one of them would be to hide columns that you don’t want to be exposed globally.

And then have custom reports (new implementation which is coming soon) which can show different set of columns visible only to select users.

So I’m not really solving this issue specifically but there appears to be solution in horizon.

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Dear Team,
Custom fields were being displayed as Column in Delivery notes well as Sales in voices and so on.
But recently updated as custom fields were hide from Delivery notes.
Can any one assist

To toggle show/hide columns, you can press Edit Columns button at the bottom-right of the screen.

You can see this post for more details:

We are using 5 different columns in addition to description. now we couldn’t tag/use search these contents. We strongly recommending these options to be enjoyed. amendment will be better when it provide more options.

After you enable the column, it will be searchable.

//After you enable the column, it will be searchable.//

My issue it couldn’t enabled even after it is enabled by check box provided.
The issue happened only in Delivery Note(Same box applicable in Sales invoice and so on)

We had bugged issue by using edit column on dashboard

Please illustrate your issue step-by-step with screenshots