Sales terms

Hi am trying the server edition and am having one problem though,
I tried to add new customer sales/account term where by I want to set credit period to about 30,60 and 90 days but I couldnt… how do I set it for every customer

Go to Settings => Custom Fields => Customer and create a custom field. Select a dropdown type and enter 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days as your options. Check the appropriate boxes if you want the field to show in the customer list under the Customers tab (you probably do) and/or on printed documents (you probably don’t). When creating a sales invoice, enter the due date according to whatever you have recorded for that customer.

Thank you I did it

This is a good work around but I would really like to see default sales terms per customer implemented.
Right now for a customer who has sales terms of EOM after EOM (end of month after end of month) to get the due date there are 5 clicks…

  1. click net
  2. click by
  3. click on calendar field
  4. click on next month
  5. click on date
    Would be much simpler and quicker to set the (optional) default and have no clicks.
    If this is possible can it be put on the to do list please?