Email template for receipt

How can I change email template for receipt? Is this possible?

Yes. I wonder how too. It’s so troublesome to find customer email, and have to enter contents and titles manually. Would be great if the email templates for receipt is available too. A shortcut link to receipt page instead of clicking the balance amount for receipt would be an advantage too.

Any further updates on this?

What exactly are you asking about? You can send an email directly from a receipt when viewing it.

What would you propose be the address of an email? And what “contents and titles” would you want to be populated automatically?

And do you realize there is no “receipt page?” However you get to whatever you want to email, you still have to select an account and the specific transaction. Otherwise, what are you emailing? That’s two clicks. Can you suggest anything with fewer?

Yes, I understand receipt can be email directly when viewing it. But I want to customise the email content by default, as the email template only made available to invoices, quotes but not for receipt.

As well as, if you send the receipt by clicking “email”, the email address are not automatically filled.
Don’t you realised that?

Yes, of course I realize that. But what email address do you think should be filled in, since the receipt form has no email field?

if the email field could filled with customer email address just like how we send invoices would be just great.

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I agree, @carricktan.

Has there been any update on this please? It would be useful if the email address could be populated into the email field as quotes and invoices do.

Perhaps you did not read the entire thread. What email address do you propose be automatically used, since receipts have no such field? The issues have not changed in two and a half years. You can choose to email a receipt while viewing it, and send it to any address you want. But you cannot expect Manager to invent the address on its own.

I’m not expecting Manager to invent the email address! Please could you perhaps explain how then that invoices and quotes can auto insert email addresses but receipts can’t. Just trying to understand - not looking to antagonise anyone

Sales invoices and sales quotes are both associated with a predefined customer (from the Customers tab). That is, there is a Customer field with dropdown choices. When defining a customer, Email address is a field. So, if you click the Email button while viewing one of those transactions, Manager knows where to look for the email address.

A receipt is not explicitly associated with a customer, even if you type in a customer’s name. It has a Payer field. So the program has nowhere to look.

Thank you for that. I now fully understand why it does not self populate

I agree!