Using default email client

Is it possible to have emails sent via default email program added? Maybe add an extra button like the ‘right click on a file > Send > Mail Recipient’.
This way you could send Invoices to the customer/suppliers different email addresses from the email programs address book.
At the moment I have to print to PDF then send via my email program. I realise that Manager is primarily for accounting but I believe this be an answer for a lot of the email improvement requests.
It would also give you a complete record of sent emails including attachments, allow one email to multiple recipients, selection of different address to same recipient etc etc.

Just a thought :wink:

The way web applications trigger this kind of connection is via a ‘mailto’ link. Unfortunately while such links can specify a default Subject and Message Body – they don’t support attaching a file.

I suspect that adding the ability to send email using a different application (your mail client) will not have any way to attach the PDF automatically for you because of this technical limitation … which completely defeats the purpose of your request, as you will still need to download and attach the PDF file manually before sending.

The only workaround that I can think of involves using a server for file hosting and adding a file link into the message body. However, that has several security implications, and would likely require a significant time and cost investment from the developer.

I’ve just finished playing with ‘PDF Creator’ and if I use that as my printer I get the option to ‘email’. This does mostly what I want and doesn’t change some custom things around like Managers built in PDF program does.
The only problem is I have to rename the attachment and put in a Subject.
I seemed to have solved some my own problem! :sunglasses:

Excellent. I assume PDF Creator is a standard desktop application (not a web application in a container), so it would have a little more flexibility to do that type of thing.

It’s a free program that sets up as a printer on your OS. Be interested to know if it’s possible with the PDF plugin currently used with Manager!

Keep in mind that Manager is a web application. It can run without internet access, but it’s technically a website even in the Desktop Edition. This means it doesn’t necessarily hook into the OS in the same way that a compiled application would.