Debts / Credits differences in reports

I have an issue with the statement of a client. If I search the list of their invoice within the Sales Invoices tab, I can see that all are correctly paid. None is overdue or overpaid.

However, if I look at their statement in the Customer Statements report, I can see that this customer has a credit of 16 RWF.

I think the two pages should show the same information, or so it usually does.

Any idea on why there is such a difference?

have you manually allocated the receipts to particular invoices?

i guess the system has allocated the receipts automatically. in that case no invoices would show up as overpaid. the excess amount would just accumulate in your Accounts receivable account of the customer for future adjustments.

you will have to check your receipts for incorrect amounts.
for example, 18/01/19 receipt has a difference of 0.02 against invoice 190017.
if you received 60.200 from your customer then it is not incorrect and so your customer actually has credit available.