Receipts on Customer statements double posting

We are having a challenge of receipts from a client on one outstanding invoice double posting even after just a single invoice allocation for the received payment. i.e an outstanding invoice of lets say Ugx 500,000/= is allocated to a payment of Ugx 500,000/= and when you check the customer statement, the customer statement shows he has paid Ugx 1,000,000/= on an invoice of Ugx 500,000/= a scenario of over payment!!
The bank or cash will remain with the right received amount of Ugx 500,000/= but the customer statement will be Ugx 500,000/= received twice automatically by the system. Is this a bug???

This is in addition to the receipts allocated to invoices paid by a client again dis-allocating themselves and thus distorting the customer ageing and statements. Look at this and sort it out please.

In the customers tab, click the accounts receivable value (blue figure) of that particular customer. this will show all the transactions. check if all transactions are correct and no double entry was made.

If @sharpdrivetek’s suggestion does not lead you to the answer, can you post a screen shot of the customer statement? If you are selecting the Transactions type statement, the statement should show all debits and credits during the period. If an invoice is overpaid, you will see either a receipt in the excess amount or two receipts. The extra receipt should be deleted. If there is an opening balance, that suggests the mistake occurred earlier in time; edit the statement to begin on an earlier date.

Also, what software version are you using? If you have updated within the past three weeks (version 17.9.28 or higher), click on the Sales Invoices tab. Does the invoice in question show as Overpaid? If so, the next step is to find the transaction that resulted in overpayment. If not, the problem lies elsewhere. And if your version number is earlier, update your software and try again.