Dates and what I purchased shows up but not cost

Hi Can somebody advise me. I have imported my business from my Manager folder on my old computer to my new computer. It shows all the sales invoices plus cost, but my Purchase invoices for goods bough only shows the date and what I bought but not the cost. Any advice and help really appreciated, otherwise I have to start from scratch.

Can you furnish more information? Where are you looking? Can you post screen shots to illustrate?

I am looking in my purchases invoices, but none of the costings are there. yet I typed everything in. Heres what I see.

If you still have the old computer, can you open Manager and is all the data ok.
If yes, do a new 0 Backup button on to a USB stick or something similar.

On the new computer, navigate to the USB stick and double click on the Manager file.
Does it open with the correct data ?

You appear to have a corrupted display. The partial list of invoices should not show when in the Businesses tab. Try reinstalling the software on the new computer. Do not uninstall anything first. Just install as though it was a new installation.

Just tried that. Everything shows up on the other computer but when Backed up and transferred it disappears.

Ok i will try that thanks, tried it and it is still the same

are you running the same versions of Manager on both your old and new computer?

if not, update Manager to the latest version first on your old computer and then create a backup.
then install the same latest version on your new computer and import the backup.

Then under what tab should they be able to be seen ?

0000000 Bug 1

In the posted screenshot the right hand scroll bar is approx. 1/3 to 1/2 down the Purchase Invoice list so possibly below the left hand tab Icons display.

@Daryl_Hemsell - by “transferred” do you mean that you doubled clicked the backup file (as suggested) or did you copy the backup file first.

It would be interesting to see if you have the same problems after following @sharpdrivetek suggestion.

I was interpreting the screen shot to be of the Businesses page. But your thought may be correct.