Purchase details inaccurate

I was just running through the PnL report and I clicked on the month of march to view all the purchase invoices, for some strange reasons the purchase invoice dated on the 18 of March are missing, just to reconfirm I browsed through the “purchase invoices” section and they seem to be there…

any advice?

Can you provide screenshots illustrating what you can/can’t see with regards to this purchase invoice ?

Thankyou for the prompt reply @Brucanna

I have attached supportive screenshots for your reference.

if you’ve noticed screen 1, I generated a P n L report and the purchase details did not tally with the invoices, so i tried a drill down from the report, and i had to check every invoice manually.

that is when i found out that there were 5 invoices for the month of March was missing.

just to cross check i took a different approach by accessing the purchase invoices through “purchase invoice” section and i performed a search for the particular date, all the exact missing 5 invoices are there,

I hope this helps you rectify the bug.
Thanks again.

Purchase Invoices don’t/can’t be posted to Inventory - Cost.
If you click Edit next to the first transaction for 15,022.27, what Account is shown ?

@Brucanna I think I made a blunder, as per your advice I checked the account and i have by mistaken added the “Sales” instead on “inventory Cost”

I intentionally created an expenses account named “inventory-cost” since I only take the sales value per invoice, I haven’t included inventory items as it takes a lot of time to add sales with inventory,

My billing system although generates a sales summary for the day in excel format, if only manager was able to import excel/csv data, it would really be powerful… sigh

Anyways thank you for helping me sort this problem