Data security when Server Edition DB opened with Desktop edition

I am Planning to use the Server edition with user level access control.
I will assign a user with limited access to create invoices and other minimum required functions.
At the end of the day, the user need to create a backup before closing the application.

From my understanding, the same backup file can be opened using the free desktop edition.
Back up DB may be copied to a different PC and can be opened using desktop version.

When we open the database using free desktop version, what will happen to the user level limitations we provided?
Is the user can view all the information while opening with desktop application?

If yes, how we can protect the data?


If your user has limited access to business, they won’t be able to make a backup.

If you are running server edition, backups should not be responsibility of users. It should be responsibility of server administrator who would have automated backup in place.

OK. Understood.
Thanks for the clarification.