User Login for Desktop Edition

**I would like to know if there is an option to enable user login for desktop edition software. I searched for the topic and found the following answer by @lubos

This is ok when a single user has access to the computer. But in most small scale business people tend to use a single computer for different purposes other than accounting or invoicing. In such cases it would be a great help if the software has a login form to prevent access of important company data.

Coming to your point regarding that someone may just copy data from hard drive, this can be avoided if the user has a third party free software that can restrict the access, deletion and visibility of folders (in this case Manager data). Now you may ask why not use the same method to lock the software itself. Well that would just defeat the user-friendliness of this great software and moreover the folders are rarely accessed by a user.

The most important reason I am suggesting this feature is because the first screen itself has no restriction from the business being deleted from Manager.

We desktop edition users dont even need the ability to create multiple users, just a provision to create a simple password in the settings will be more than enough to restrict the access to Manager.

I hope the difficulties are explained to your satisfaction. I would really appreciate if you could implement the same.

Thanks in advance.**

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You cannot delete a business from the home page. You can only remove its file name from the list of recent files. The data file remains and can still be opened.

Under the business model used, if you want user access control, you must pay for the server or cloud edition. If you want free software, you give some things up.