Password For desktop Version

Password and users restrictions inside ( Built-in Users ) for the desktop version of manager is important to be applied , i hope on upcoming version to be included . thanks

The Desktop version is a single user program, so it would not make any sense to have restrictions as there is only a single user

I mean the Builtin users inside the program . and that is a need if there is one PC but two peoples working , one is Manager and the other sales person. so the sales person should only create orders and in invoices ,not allowing to manage all the function of the program .

Protect the data folder with a password. Every OS supports it.

Can’t be done and most unlikely to happen in the future.

If it is really necessary, then you can pay for the cloud version which will have this capability or you only allow the Manager to make the entries, including the sales invoices

@Naqibdn, the business model behind Manager is that the desktop edition is free, but allows only one user. Therefore, it has no permission capabilities. But it is probably the only accounting software in the world that does not limit the duration of use, functionality, or number of transactions. The company makes its money from people who, like you, want to control access and permission among several users. So you must pay for the server and cloud editions.


Yes i appreciate the work thank you , unfortunately the cloud version Require Internet all the time , and people like me can’t reach to internet access every time , but anyway thank you , that is a personal problem.

Why not consider the server version? Install it into your PC, and link them up via your local network. No need internet. Unlimited user accounts.

Yes that Is a good Opinions , Thank you i will try .

No there are other accounting systems which are completely free, multiple roles available but single user and has even more functionality however Manager offers ease of access, usage and installation (though not available with mobile app maybe read only). Also Manager can be used by persons having even limited knowledge of Accounting, It’s designed that way :slight_smile:

Manager is providing a free version for desktop (Single User) that is absolutely, A great thing to do but at the same time they need to earn profits and cost of development. A great business model where small business is immensely benefited.

Thank you Team Manager!

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