Password for Desktop version

The Desktop version should at least have a one-level-security layer, as in, one user login, since it is a one-user version.

Account protection should have been added, considering confidentiality, privacy, and security for such information.

No protection makes it porous.

Nevertheless, Manager is powerfully exceptional.

I love its simplicity.

Any suggestions, or techniques on how to secure a Desktop version?

Do you have multiple logons and users on your desktop or does everyone who uses it share the same user profile on the desktop?

See the note at the bottom of the guide Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager

The philosophy behind the desktop edition is that it is provided for a single user on a single machine. So establish security at the computer level. If you want tighter security or more options, buy the server license or subscribe to the cloud edition. Realistically, if someone can access a computer, they can access anything on it. From the developer’s perspective, security features on the desktop edition would be protecting your data from yourself.

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