Data Retrieval on lost PC

Good day

I lost my PC and therefore lost my data.Is there a way I can retrieve my information?

Please assist, I got a replacement PC and I need to retrieve the data.

Were you using the desktop version?

Did you make regular backups?

I was using a laptop, YesI had regular backups BUT on the same PC just on a different drive.

The free desktop version of Manager is completely stand alone. Your business data is only where you put it.
The managed server / cloud version has all your data on the managed server as well as any backups you have created.

If you have been using the desk top version and never created any backup on any other computer you will need to re- access all of your accounting data you are able to then re enter it into a new Manager business.

Unfortunately if you no longer have access to the different drive where you stored your backup you have lost all your business data.

It’s a harsh lesson but you must keep backups in a separate usb stick/pen drive for instance, have several pen drives, or other locations.

You will need to recreate all your data from scratch, hopefully it wasn’t too much data.

When you say “on a different drive” do you mean a different physical drive or a different logical drive?

If you meant a different physical drive then it should be possible to extract the drive from the laptop and read the data from it.

If you meant a different logical drive then as the data was on the same physical drive as the system, you could try to recover the data using a specialist recovery service but it will probably not be possible depending on how damaged the disk drive is.

Same laptop

@Bokamoso_Mo Do you still physically have the laptop?

Not good if the single computer with the only copies of the Manager data file has been physical lost.