How to I recover my detail from desktop version

Hi There
I have Lost my computer and i had desktop version of how do i recover

Options to recover your data file:

  1. restore from the back up you took before the computer was stolen
  2. Find your stolen computer an use that
  3. Re enter the data from old paper records and records you can re down load
  4. Consider a back up plan next time and encourage others to do the same

Unless I’m missing something, I’m not sure why you are asking on this forum. Your options unfortunately are limited if the only copy of you datafile has been lost/stolen.

You have one more option. If you have remote backups of your computer drive somewhere in the cloud or on a standalone drive, your can find your old data file there. You can either restore the entire drive or use the Manager data file as though it was a backup made from the program.

The point is, Manager’s desktop edition does not make any copies of your data by itself.