Data Missed

My data is not backed up ,My laptop is bokken’s, there any way to get my all data’s back?

What Edition are you using? Desktop, Server or Cloud?

Desktop ( windows )

Unless you can access the hard drive, then no

How would you expect to recover the data?

Depending on what is the problem with your laptop, it would be worth taking it to a specialist

I am using the hard drive and all the data’s are there but I have lost only data for the last one year

Is your software capable of picking them up?

@Ibrahim_Ibrahimxpres, your statement seem contradictory. First, you said your data is not backed up and your computer is broken. Then you said you are using the hard drive and the data are there. Last, you said you are missing data for the last year. Will you please describe your situation in more detail, without these apparent contradictions?

It is important to understand that when you use the desktop edition, there is no communication whatsoever (after download) with NGSoftware or its servers. No one stores or can access your data. If you have recovered your data file from the hard drive and imported it to another computer or made it accessible to another computer, it will be as you left it. A file can easily be ruined by a computer failure. But it will not be partially present.

Is it possible you have simply not set your date parameters correctly on the Summary page for the new year?

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What do you mean - “I have only lost data for the last one year”?

All the data is stored in the business file - it is not stored in separate files so - either it is all there or all gone

You need to explain what you mean more precisely and show screen images of what you are doing

This is always user and human error, i.e yourself. Applications such as Manager are dumb, the intelligence comes from people like yourself. It is easy to attempt to blame software for loss of data and use it as an apology in work but Manager is not to blame. Please listen to advice rendered here and try to sort the issue. As @Joe91 rightly concludes either all data is there or all gone. Missing the final year means something gone wrong on your end.

Assuming you mean it was 12 months since you last backed up your files and you say you have access to the hard drive see the guide Manage application data folder contents | Manager.
And from now on I would back up at least daily and to at least one other separate storage device (cloud, usb etc)