Hard disk damaged, lost all my data

Hi My hard disk got damaged and i lost everything on my laptop and i dont have any backup. Is it possible to recover the data somewhere?


Assuming you are running the desktop version of Manager

Data can only be recovered from places it still exists

  • your old hard drive with drive recovery utilities

  • an older backup you made to another drive

  • your original invoices, bank records and other financial data

Non of which is likely to be easily without a prior adequate backup practice

Which Operating System did you use and do you use now?
Are you able to remove the harddisk and use it as an external disk?

i’ve had kinda the same problem, however I haven’t really got back all my data(

Hi Ries, Windows 10 and unfortunately the old hard disk is completely damaged, i had to replace it with a new one.

Hi thanks for your response.

Yes i am using the desktop version. unfortunately the old hard disk is completely damage and my backups were all on it. So i believe there is no way for me to get anything back.

I do not mean to lecture you, @LuigiScuotto. I am sure you have learned your lesson. But for the benefit of other forum members, there is no point in making backups if you are going to keep them on the same disk as your primary data file. You will inevitably lose everything at once when—not if—the drive fails. Read the section of this Guide on making a backup: https://www.manager.io/guides/8890.