Dark mode in MacOS Mojave

Will we able to have a dark mode theme for the new MacOS release Mojave? :slight_smile:

ps: would be nice also if we are able to add custom currencies (I’d like to add Bitcoin Cash to the currency list)

Please don’t double post requests, especially under misleading titles. They get lost.

Is there a possibility where Manager will get dark mode?

No. There will not be a separate mode. But Manager works in dark mode if up to date.

There’s a dark theme?

No. Your questions have been about dark mode in Mojave. I didn’t mention a theme.

your attitude and language is offensive Tut, i suggest you stop replying to people, who cares about the software if the customer service is bad, and you are not even a customer service guy, you arer just a customer like the rest of us, stop acting this way please

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