Manager is broken on MacOS Mojave when running the dark theme

FYI to developers and peeps
The latest version of manager is broken on the new beta version of macOS Mojave if you had the dark theme selected.

the application will open and only a white box will be shown.
It seems that is a problem of how the theme interacts with the colours of the application

Why do you think Manager is “broken” rather than the beta version of Mojave?

Tut I speculate that manager is broken on Mojave and not the other way around because the application is not interacting with the new system wide dark colour theme.
With the exception of the Apple native app, other applications that I am currently running are also not optimised for Mojave therefore when they open their menu bar stays on the default light theme ( as you can see from the screen shoot this is the same case in manager)
When the theme is switch to light (the standard on previous versions of MacOS) the content within the manager window are visible.
Taking this into consideration I presume is the way Manager is interacting with the new default font colours of the system.

In my case, Manager opens and display the interface, but response from clicking links is not working properly, it actually works afters several attempts. Not only in dark mode, but also in the classic mode.

Guess, there must be something in the code (Manager’s) not interacting properly with the beta (which is expected).

Manager is uniform across all operating systems. To say that Manager is not interacting with the new dark color scheme seems backwards to me. In fact, you acknowledged that other applications are also not displayed well in Mojave’s dark theme. Why should the new operating system suddenly require all existing applications to adapt to it? This isn’t a sign the apps are broken. It’s a sign Apple hasn’t incorporated the ability to detect an app that can switch themes (like the native Apple apps) and doesn’t have the ability to handle programs without that capability. Manager functions like a browser, so it renders HTML. This seems like a clear case of Apple getting ahead of itself with cuteness.

Tut to clarify other applications are functioning and displaying their interface, just not in the dark theme. So far for me the only application that is not working well is Manager. An operating system could have different set of permissions and security features that could require some existing application to adapt to it.
Nevertheless, I am not here to defend Apple nor demote Manager in any way ( I love manager!) You could be right( or wrong) in your assumption that it could be the operating system. Needless to say, my post purpose is to bring what I am experiencing up for attention for developers to look into it or user to be aware that if they rely on Manager it may not function as expected on Mojave

I thought this is what you said about Manager, too:

Regardless, this issue has already been raised on the forum: Manager compatibility with macOS Mojave (10.14). I have also communicated privately with the developer. He is aware of the issue, but plans to wait for release of v10.14 to see what problems, if any, still exist in the production version before fixing them.

I switched to the light theme and still have this issue

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I have downloaded the latest release of Mojave today and have the same issues. Hope there is an update soon.

Hi all,

Having the same issue with the GA release of Mojave. Manager fails to load presenting a blank screen. On the rare occasion that it does load, clicks don’t respond.

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The team of as provided a work around temp solution for this issue. Go and download the latest update.

Thank you to those involved for providing a way to run Manager on Mojave

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