Dark mode for Manager

Dear Developer,

I have a suggestion, how about you add a dark mode for Manager App in MacOS even for Windows as most the people I know preferring dark mode as it is easier on the eyes and consumes less energy hence longer battery life for laptops, smartphone & tablets. All the software I use on may MacBook had adopted dark mode and offer the user the choice between the two themes and even better can be scheduled based on time or a lot better to mimic the system wide preferences as if your OS is now on dark mode all other open softwares will be in dark theme and vise versa even many websites when opened in Safari or Chrome do the same thing, unfortunately, the only software that Iā€™m using and stands as sore in the eye is Manager as it is very bright compared to the rest of the GUI.

Please consider providing the option to your loyal customers as it is really comforting the eye after straight 9 hours of working on Manager.


Yes, dark mode would be nice. As an alternative, I use a screen dimmer, it even turns manager interface pink. Easier to look at than white though.

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I think you will find that dark mode changes the framing of a browser window (title bar, scrolling bars, etc.), but not the actual content within the frame. Manager operates as a browser, and dark mode changes the same elements of the display as other browsers do.

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Yeah dark mode is the best :sunglasses:

You can simply use browser extensions to achieve it. Fonts, size, color of background, text, links, visited links can be changed. There are plenty other options available like page/domain overrides.

I use chrome extension called ''Change colors" which works great. You may try it for free :slight_smile:

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