Cloud theme

dear @lubos,

great software,

can we get dark mode theme for cloud version?
or different theme versions?


Built-in themes are the same for all versions: desktop, server, and cloud. These can be selected under Settings as described here: Change the look of forms with themes | Manager. Custom themes are user-created, as described here:

But understand that themes control the display of data on completed transaction forms, not the overall appearance of the Manager application onscreen. Dark mode is a feature of the macOS Mojave operating system, not the applications that run on it. Manager operates as a browser. Just like the appearance of any web page you visit is unchanged by using dark mode, the appearance of Manager is separate from the appearance of operating system displays, like your desktop. For example, if you visit the web site of an airline, the site looks the same no matter what browser you use or what appearance mode you select. Only the operating system features, like window border color, change. The same is true for Manager.

hello @Tut

I mean the interface theme not the invoice.

to change from the light green color to blue or dark or something like that


You cannot.