Daily driffent amounts in inventory

Have 5 different inventory’s between 100 and 500 items each. Every day the same inventory’s but different qty a day.
If i copy past them i have the wrong qty for the next day. I go to Production orders and under Finished item, i chang it from 451items to 385 items. I update but the amounts do not cange. Qty be 10 for 1 unit, 20 for 2 units but it is still 10 qty
Now i have to daily change hundreds of qty. How do the qty change automatically. It is impossible to sit and change 2000 or 5000 qty by hand. The 5 different inventory’s always stay the same except for qty.
Thank You

I assume by “inventory’s” you mean inventory items. Quantities on hand are affected by:

  • Purchase invoices
  • Sales invoices
  • Cash purchases
  • Cash sales
  • Production orders

Each of these requires that line items on the form be allocated to the correct control accounts so that quantities on hand are adjusted. You do not just go to the Production Orders tab and manually change quantities on hand. Instead, the count is adjusted when any of the listed forms is created or updated.

I suggest reading about all the listed forms as well as inventory-related topics in the Guides:

I agree. Now i have over 1 million parts in stock and long before it get low i order again. So that is no problem. My problem,lets take a fictional product “Bannas”. Say Monday i have to make 50 Bannas and have 600 Inventory items for Bannas and each with a different quantity next to it. I make a print out and send it to assembly. Next day day Tuesday i have to make 300 Bannas. It have exactly the same inventory items but must now have more quantity amounts next to it which (the parts) i have in stock. If i copy and pate it the amounts will be wrong now to make 600 new Bannas. So must i now every day on the computer make a copy and paste and sit and change every amount for the new print out which have the same items being send to assembly. Or i will have to change thousands of quantity next to the items which do not change.
Surely if i go to my production orders and only change the Finished item from 50 to 600 and update then all the quantity should then be changed but it do not change the quantity for 600 Bannas. Sorry previously i said inventory instead of production orders.
My mistake.

If I understand what you are saying, it sounds like you are trying to edit a single production order and reuse it for new build quantities. You cannot do that. Every time you want a new batch of Bannas, you must create a new production order for that amount. It will include the bill of materials made up of other inventory items. Let’s say you want to make 50 Bannas, and each Banna is composed of 3 Zippees and 4 Yappos.

You make a production order showing 50 finished Bannas, requiring 150 Zippees and 200 Yappos to make. The counts of Zippees and Yappos in inventory go down by 150 and 200 respectively. The count of Bannas goes up by 50. You don’t make any adjustments at all. No copying and pasting.

What you require within the Production Order is a Bill of Materials, a feature that will be coming - When ?

With a Bill of Materials you would create a record of the inputs for a single finished good, then when a quantity of that finished good is put on a Production Order, the production order will multiply out the inputs to match that finished goods quantity.

In the meantime you could establish a common quantity (a fixed batch size) of that finished good then against a previous Production Order for that finished good - click View, click Clone - just change the date. If the batch size is 300 and you make 600, create two production orders.

Thank you. I can then only wait until it come.

Until then, create common size batches and use clone, eliminates editing and pasting