Create new business

Before you can start entering data, you need to create a business. In Manager, a business is an accounting entity. It can represent a company, partnership, trust, fund, organization or a sole trader.


Let’s create a new business named "Brilliant Industries"

To create new business, go to Businesses tab at the top.

Since this is the first business we create, you will see an empty list of businesses.

To add a new business, click Add Business button, then select Create New Business.

Unlike other accounting systems, Manager doesn’t require a long interview process to set up a business. It’s very simple. Enter business name, then click Add Business button. That’s all.

After you create a new business, it will automatically open for you.

To close the business, click X symbol in top-left corner next to the name.

This will take you back to the list of businesses you have created in Manager.

So far, we have only one business but you can create more if required. If you have more businesses, you can see it’s easy to switch between businesses by pressing X button.