Adjusting production order quantities

how to manage is production order repeated with different quantities?
for example first production order i made to 100 finished goods, second item i need to make to 150 finished goods

Please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours is not about inventory kits or batch creation. It has been moved to its own topic.

To answer your question, you can clone the old production order, then edit all the quantities. To make things simple, use the in-field calculation feature on the clone. For example, if you formerly used 100 of Item A, edit that to 1.5*100. See Perform calculations in number fields | Manager.

There are suggestions in the ideas category to create bills of materials that could be called up and adjusted in bulk according to the number of finished goods, but you cannot do that currently.

Thanks dear

You could create a series of production orders for various set quantities and then use a combination of them.

For example, when you are next producing that product you could create a series of production orders for these quantities - 100, 50 10, 5 ,1.

So if you need 165, then use 100 + 50 + 10 + 5

@Naveednla007, cloning standard-quantity production orders as @Brucanna suggests is a convenient approach. If you use it, however, be aware that the production orders you enter to define your set quantities will be real transactions and will affect your inventory accounting. They will not just be templates. So do not create them until you have genuine production needs. Then reuse them by cloning as many times as you want.