Production order Amount Error

We run a construction company.
First; every day we create new Production Order and Make some Billed of Material and we kept Finished Item Empty. Because after 2-3 Years (near about 50-60 Production Order) a complete building will finished. So that, we can not get proper accounting for Billed of Material.

Second, After the first attempt failed, we tried another option, Every day we update One Production Order, we add new bill of material every day, but after someday, we see, bill of material amount changed. when we change the date of production order, amount of bill material changed.

why billed of material amount changed?
There is a specific purchase invoice for a specific inventory location. then we make Production Order from this specific inventory location.

You are misusing production orders, which are intended only to transfer inventory and non-inventory costs to finished inventory items in a single production activity. They are not meant to accumulate costs over time. Very likely, you have issues with insufficient quantities of inventory items on the bill of materials that come and go as you purchase those input items and consume them.

You also seem to have inventory locations wrapped up in all this. Inventory locations are meant to record physical location of inventory items, not to be inventory items. There is a very similar discussion currently ongoing here.

You should be using projects to collect the costs of a building. See Create and use projects | Manager.

Inventory Cost comes from where? How manager knows the price of inventory item?

No. Manger “Production Order view” shows the insufficient qty, I checked that, there is no insufficient qty.

I can’t find any option or guide to collect the costs of inventory item. Project or Division only collect the costs of chart of account expenses.

From the current average cost of the inventory item in the Inventory Items tab when the production order is entered. See and

I assume you are referring to the listing for the Production Orders tab. There, the Insufficient Qty status shows only until the required production quantity is acquired. Then it disappears. Costs of finished inventory items are adjusted according to the new average cost.

These costs are collected when you purchase the inventory item for a project, on a line item by line item basis. Both purchase invoice and payment forms include the option, but the Project field does not appear until an account is selected for which a project allocation makes sense. For example, if you have an expense account named Construction supplies, the field will appear after that account is selected:

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 6.18.14 AM

If you are using an inventory item already held in inventory, you must use a journal entry. The Project field will appear for the account you are transferring costs and quantities to:

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 6.20.16 AM

Yes, because projects currently only account for income and expenses. In the future, balance sheet accounts might be incorporated.

I believe you will find this easier to understand if you stop thinking about the buildings you are constructing as inventory items.

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Manager can’t permit purchase inventory item for specific project.
I don’t understand your this explanation.

That is correct. As I already explained, “…projects currently only account for income and expenses. In the future, balance sheet accounts might be incorporated.” The Inventory on hand account is a balance sheet account.

I also explained how you get around that limitation by using journal entries.