Customize Reports

Is there a way to make and customize the header and the footer of reports, like making a place for singe and export date?

Also, when making a custom report with groping I want only the grouping row with the sum of the amount for example, I don’t want to show the details rows.

Actually it’s a great software with huge capabilities and needs some work for extend the ability to customize the solution for organization requirements like exposing Restful API or installing third party plugins.

Some built-in reports have footer fields. If they do not, they cannot be customized because reports are hard-coded.

You cannot do that on custom reports. Those details are the report. Grouping is only a way of arranging the display.

Is there any intend to make these things customized? By providing report template to edit for example?

I note that, but in SQL we can select the group name with the SUM of the amount for example which hides the detailed rows.

Since we already have the group by function so only need to apply the aggregate functions (SUM, AVG, COUNT) to selected columns.

Hints have been given of possible future improvements to report creation capabilities. But only the developer decides what to add to the program.

Ok I respect that, but there is a way to develop my features and do something like a PR for the Manager repo?

I do not know what you are referring to. What is a PR? What is “the Manager repo?”

Never mind, it’s technical terms which is not the concern of the forum as I can see.

What I want to say that I to develop my own features and apply it to the Manager and share it with the others after the developer approval if that possible.

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There is no process for that. What you do with other forum members via personal message is your own business. But allowing you to share it publicly on the forum would put the developer in the position of guaranteeing its performance. Even if he did that, it would limit future development, as whatever you did might be broken by future changes to the program.

Manager is proprietary not shared source software. There is no public release, support for creating a fork or sharing a base code modification.

However Manager is highly customizable including

A summary of a useful adaption can be posted on the forum. Sharing of localisation to all users was supported but is currently disabled. You can export and import a localisation, so share between your business or with users you know however they can’t be directly posted on the forum.