The database data, encoded?

Hi, i have managed to import a database and query it. See image below.
Is the data encoded? The Content column is the one I’m referring to.

Just a wild guess, could it have something to do with Unicode?
May I ask, how did you manage to import the database?

You cannot open manager files with other softwares…

I used SQLLite Studio to import the data

Content contains serialized object using Protocol Buffers which is Google’s data interchange format.

Even though Manager is using SQLite as a persistence layer, it doesn’t store data in a relational fashion. Mostly for performance reasons.

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Is there a way to interact with that data?

I am trying to find a way to create graphs and charts (Dashboards) for Managers/Owners/Investrors since traditional reporting is not always the best way to present data…

or is there already an option built in somewhere in manager…

Using the API is likely to best achieve what you want
Managers API forum information