Custom Reports (a work in progress)

I notice that, at present, no manual has been written with instruction on table names, best practices, etc for writing custom reports. And I notice that many people on the forum are looking for help, myself included. I also see that some people on the forum have managed to create custom reports that are more complex than SELECT * FROM TableName.

I suggest and request that those clever people please give some insight on the forum for those of us who need more help. If you have working examples of custom report code, please post it. Or successful ideas about how to create more complex reports, please post them too. I think many would find that very helpful.

I hope I’m not being presumptuous in asking this. But will take the risk anyway.

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Fully agree. I was scanning the forum for information related to Custom Reports.
Would also like to know more about it, best practices etc…
As soon as I have some relevant information gathered I will post it here.

I suggest not wasting time researching a feature the developer says is not yet functional.

Perhaps you, @Tut, already know what to do, I’m not sure. But for those of us who are clueless, any help we can get from fellow users is a boon. Isn’t that the point of a forum…one user helping another?

Indeed. But I’ve seen little evidence that anyone understands custom reports. I assure you, I am clueless.

Oh dear, that’s sad to hear. I thought you would be one of the users with some understanding of this topic. I’m sure I’ve seen some users having success as I’ve raked through posts. But those users have not posted their findings. I know that @lubos will eventually be able to spend time on Custom Reports. Until then, we can hopefully help one another wherever possible. Is it possible to have a separate section in the forum only for reporting?

Excellent. Look forward to it.

Sorry I have kept you waiting.
As you already know [Cursom reports] is to be explored. Gathering information and share it is indeed the best way to go, is also my opinion.
Basic knowledge of SQL is nice to have. I don’t know where you stand so I just start with the basic commands.
A SQL command is for instance SELECT * FROM [name of database]
In Manager there are, as far as we know now, the following names of databases:

  • GeneralLedgerTransactions
  • CashTransactions
  • JournalEntryLines
  • SalesInvoices
  • PurchaseInvoices
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Employees

Wether Manager understands the standard SQL commands like [SELECT *] depends on the maker of the program, so Lubos.

Let’s take Salesinvoices as an example.
Open Custom reports and put in the next line:
select * from Salesinvoices
Did you get a warning?! Fine, because the databasename is not right. Should be SalesInvoices. Be aware of Capitals. So try:
select * from SalesInvoices
Now you will see all your invoices.
As you can see all the columns does have headers. For instance DueDate and CustomerName.
So you can try this:
select DueDate, CustomerName from SalesInvoices
select CustomerName, BalanceDue from SalesInvoices where BalanceDue > 0

Which commands work and which don’t is a matter of trial and error.
Let’s share!

Another way to go is to export the database(s) to your favorite spreadsheet program and work from there.
I do have experience in this field with Excel and Libre Office, but I am not an expert.

Hope I did get you on the track. Enjoy exploring!


The only way to get full access to all the tables is with the API. With custom reports you can get data from few tables…

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This is a great start @ries. Thanks. This is the first list of table names that I’ve seen.

hello all. any chance to query the Invoice Lines (Details) from Custom Reports? I’ve looked at SalesInvoices but that’s only ‘header’ info. Tried SalesDetail but no joy :slight_smile:
thanks in advance!

Custom Reports is a feature almost abandoned

Hello Ries,
I thank you as well, for that starting hint to creating Custom Reports.
I want to modify the reports that are already generated by Manager eg Size of Font, or Heading Colour, additional fields. Do you know how to access the coding behind the Profit & Loss Statement or Balance Sheet?
I am an amateur with coding but have modified the THEMES of invoices, which was exciting. But, would love to change the format of the basic reports, which seem to be based around the Chart of Accounts.

There is no way to modify reports.