Custom report : custom calculation fields

I have a suggestions

In report > custom reports

1/ It will be nice if the user have the ability to add one or more calculated fields where the user can add mathematical operations between two or more numerical fields

2/ showing “total” label under the groups -if the data in the report is grouped by one or more fields- where the column shows numerical data
This option could be optional by checking a box near the right column


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Calculations can occur only on transaction entry forms or using fields in custom themes. Reports are extractions of already existing data from the database, so no calculations are possible. If you want to perform other calculations, that is why reports can be exported or copied to the clipboard. That allows you to make any calculations you want on the data, and is far easier than coding calculations into a custom report definition.

Totals are already calculated if the report is grouped. For example:


Hi and thanks for responding @Tut

For example:
1/ The average cost of the inventory items is already in the data base but I can’t report it .

For me and a lot of Manager users ,we want to use only manager because it’s so easy to use and we want to gather all data - input or output- in one place.
Also , Manager is one of the wonderful and easiest accounting -wich is one of the most complicated field in business management- program in the world , but if there’s a possibility to get it upper with more features,why not!
As a business owner, I appreciate that my accounting program give me the accessibility to manage and control my all operations through one window.
In other words, manager isn’t only for reporting my data to the government, but also to control my business through my philosophy.
I think that such features will let us be more creative, ant let Manager be more flexible with the different kinds of business,owners,needs and requirements.

Well at least keep it as an idea…who knows

Export the Inventory Items tab listing. Average cost is right there.

The problem is that what you want in a report is not necessarily what someone else wants. The program cannot fulfill thousands of different ideas about what reports should be available. So it provides the most common accounting reports and allows you to export data for manipulation on your own. And custom reports add further flexibility.

Because everything you consider a “feature” someone else regards as useless software bloat. Many users choose Manager precisely because it is compact, without lots of complicated features. The program is not represented as being for everyone.

Yes this is what I meant
Why exporting if there’s a way to generate an appropriate report in the same program
Other thing, it so hard to export data from manager to other programs every time I need to know some ratios and rates about my Business (e.g. profitability ratios,efficiency ratios,liquidity ratios,financial leverage ratios and so on)
This topic stay a suggestion because i know that the team worked hard to bring Manager to this level today.
Thank you again