Generate Qty based on Custom Fields

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I was looking to Generate the Qty based on Calculation of Custom fields example ( Qty = Custom Field 1 x Custom Field 2 x Custom Field 3). Then i get the Price from Non inventory item.

Use case 1:
Advertisement Agency want to give invoice to their clients for the Published News paper Ad, Item value is based Width x Height x No of days ads to publish will the be the Qty and Default price per Cm will from from Non Inventory Item based on the Position of Ad.

Custom Fields Created as

When Generating invoice

Kindly guide me on how to archive this.

Before Creating New Topic, I have checked the following guide it explains things to be done with Custom Theme, But calculation has to work on Creating or Edit Screen.

You can not do this.

You can enter 12 * 7 * 10 into the qty field and Manager will calculate the result

Create a custom field titled “H * W * days” then

  1. Enter text in that field in a format Manager can calculate eg “12 * 7 * 10”
  2. Copy and paste the custom field text into the Qty field during data entry
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I did the same, Calculation is not happening

Does calculation happens on the Custom fields inside the Create and Edit screen?

That is because you have not done step 2.

@Joe91 already made clear that variables in separate custom fields can not be used for calculations with each other. You can only enter a the calculation manually yourself in the quantity field, in this case 2710. After update the formula will disappear and only the calculated result of 140 will be shown in the quantity field when you click on edit again.

Thanks @Joe91 @Patch @eko
for now achieving the result by manually entering 12 * 7 * 10 in Qty field.

But i wish development team comes with some solution for similar case. Since if any typo error happen while typing this 12 * 7 * 10 in Qty, Complete Invoice values will changed and will be difficult to cross check if more items in invoice.

Which is why I suggested

  1. Delete custom fields Width, height and days
  2. Only use custom field “H * W * days”
  3. User only types into custom field “H * W * days”
  4. Copy and paste from custom field “H * W * days” into “Qty” field

I appreciate that is not the solution you want but entering calculation has been an Idea for several years so this is the best you can to at the moment. see Customizable Calculation Report - #5 by Patch

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