Add ability to create custom fields for tax codes

Dear @lubos,

I need a few changes in the “tax transaction” report in order to make them compliant to the Italian law.

First of all I need that the reports, together with the name of the costumer or the supplier, show also the business ID of the counterpart.

Secondly I need to group taxes based on categories (with subtotal). In Italy these categories are called “sezionali”.

Last I need all the tax reports to show both my company name and my business identifier.

Thanks a lot for the help

It is not realistic to expect Manager to include built-in reports satisfying tax filing requirements for every jurisdiction in the world. It is not tax filing software.

I’m asking just a few integration that can be useful for everyone… not the creation of the tax submission module.

When custom reports are complete, they will be able to generate tax report like this.

Thanks @lubos,

in the meanwhile can you please add custom fields to tax codes in order to store the additional informations required by Italian laws?

I’m going to move this into ideas for now. Mostly because until custom reports are complete, this will serve no purpose. When custom reports are finalized, I will implement custom fields on tax code level.

My view on this has changed.

Now that Manager has “report transformations” in place, country-specific reports should be directly interacting with specific tax codes (rather than looking for them by custom field).

So let’s build these reports for Italy.

Currently, all we have are 3 tax codes as per

  • IVA 22%
  • IVA 10%
  • IVA 4%

Are these tax codes correct? If yes - how many reports are needed? 2 reports? One to summarize figures and one to show individual customers / suppliers?

Have a look at what is being done for Australia:

All of that is possible now using new concept called “Report Transformations”.

I’ll work on them. First of all I would need you to enable custom fields to tax codes in order to have the necessary data in the right place.

Just to clarify. The module in Italy is (almost) one for every kind of company taxes and is called F24… but being multipurpose it needs a lot of codes to identify the taxes that’s why it is impossible to start right now working on the report without extending custum fields to taxes.

Than we have some sort of additional declarations that we will need to implement consequently.

the F24 form appear to be the general online tax payment form so covers a lot.
Income tax yearly, Rent/lease tax.
Hopefully the core information required from Manager can be identified or at least some subsets to perform particular common tasks.
Otherwise that is going to keep someone busy for awhile.

It’s used to pay for example VAT, witholding taxes and property taxes and also fees for late payment of those taxes.

Dear @lubos can you please add custom fields to tax code to enable me to start working on Italian reportings? Thanks

Australia uses multiple tax codes for 0% and 10% GST/VAT. What would it look like if a similar approach was taken for Italian reporting? I suspect the advantage of using this approach as all forms already support multiple tax codes but not sub-properties of tax codes.

We have both multiple tax codes for the same rate and different categories, ie “sezionati” so it’s fundamental to have additional fields to store informations

Custom fields on tax codes make sense only if Italian users are expected to create tax codes themselves.

And I don’t think that’s the case. @Davide, the reason why I’m reluctant to add custom fields to tax codes is because I think what needs to be done can be done without custom fields. I will reach out to you by end of this week with details.